The complex system

Human beings are as complex as the universe itself. There are still so many things that have not yet been discovered or scientifically understood about how our species work.

We are all similar in some ways…we all have a body, mind and soul. Body needs to have energy (eat and rest), Mind needs to be stimulated (knowledge/wisdom), and our soul needs to grow and move forward on our journey.

Yet we are all very different also, what works and is truth for one person, is not going to work and contradict another. This does not mean that those individuals are wrong, it just means you have different realities. Just because physically it may appear and seem the same, it is what is not seen that holds the most energy and this is what creates one’s reality and how to treat their unique self.

We are unique individuals….

Before we go and compare ourselves to someone else and judge ourselves for not “being normal”, we must give ourselves a break.

With each soul having walked different paths, futures being different, wants and needs being different, emotions, beliefs, fears, different DNA..etc..with these different governing factors, you can see how and why each person should be treated for the individual that they are, and recognised by themselves and society, that there is no such thing as “normal” on a mass scale. We have our own normal, but as individuals, we should not be categorized, labeled and moved into boxes that we “fit into”. One reason we have so much doubt and fear within our own beings is due to not fitting into a category that society tells us we must aim for and be in.

Shine your light, let the world see your unique colour!

Be a colour that’s different to black and white. Don’t fit into a category, go and create your own.

 And do not fear failing, there is no such thing. 

Never a failure, always a lesson.

Why is it important to heal our bodies properly on a mind, body and soul level? Our body and minds store fear and trauma like a computer stores data, our bodies do the same. So when it’s time to update our system, how can we do that with our main control system holding and storing old data? We need to remove the old data so a new system can take its place. Think of it like this, All experiences, good and bad, have made you grow, mature and become stronger, you have learnt and grown. All that new knowledge you have gained wants to go through “a system upgrade”. But with the body not letting go of the old system and storing some parts, it’s like trying to use a computer that is running with both windows 98 and windows 10….the computer will not work properly and at times be really slow.

Never feel you are alone or must go through feelings, hold onto trauma or heal alone. We are not alone when we are in our true form (SOUL) and we should not be alone here in the physical world.

Always be open and ready for a change, no matter how many people you have there to assist you, it is you who must walk your path, no other.

“ Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.” – Unknown

The body itself is a universe all of its own.  If we have an organ not functioning properly, muscles being tight and knotted, not enough oxygen in blood, a bad diet, bones not sitting correctly…etc, it can have a big impact on the rest of the system. 

The body is earthly, it is made up of the same materials and cells that we see in our beautiful mother earth. When we begin to add man made energies to our body, it changes the body and frequencies. Emotional trauma and life events also have a major impact on our body. All we need is already in the world around us. When we get out of tune with our natural vibrations, it creates disease and illness within our bodies and minds. Using chemical medicine does not help or get rid of the problem itself, it only masks the problem by removing the symptoms or blocking the body from having a natural purge.

Not saying all chemical medicine should not be used, at times and in some circumstances, it can help assist the individual with the symptoms whilst they are working on the core problem and eventually get off the medication.

The best medicine we have is found on the earth and within ourselves.

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“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.” Hippocrates

The mind is the gateway between the soul and the body. It takes in information both from the physical and non physical. The mind, body and soul do not work separately. Our minds never stop, even when sleeping, they are still on. 

Let’s look at what our minds can go through just in a day just focusing on “life stuff”…….

We think about money, our jobs and what it entails. We think about our loved ones, we think about what we are going to have to eat and drink. We think of our place amongst the world, we think about others we do not know or have lost contact with. We think about our futures and our beliefs. We think about our material items, what we have and what we don’t, what we are going to wear and how we look…….

These are only a few common thoughts that go through our mind, and unfortunately, the majority have fear, doubt, worry and anxiety linked to these thoughts, which has a MAJOR impact on our bodies.

This too, is only touching on what the mind goes through. 

Our brains are so much more capable than we realise, so much more intelligent than we allow it to be. If we can free ourselves and allow our minds to wake up to its potential, it would not only change us as individuals, but it would also change the world. Our minds are the key, the gateway for change. If we did not “zone out” on technology or spend our days filled with “what we have to do”, it would allow us time to really explore our potential and dive into the unknown.

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He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears.” — Michel De Montaigne.

The soul is our true form, our soul is light. The soul has gone through many forms and many lifetimes. The way I like to put it into words is like looking at it as a school grade system. Some souls are born in Kindergarten and others born in year 12. You can’t speak to a 6 year old the same way you would speak to a 17 year old. You wouldn’t expect a kindergarten student to go into year 12 and understand what they are learning, their brains have not yet learned and experienced enough to understand the information given. 

The earth is like a school, and there are many schools that our soul goes to. Our soul is a highly intelligent energy and once we start looking more into what we really are, we can start understanding a lot more about our being and what it truly means to be human. Imagine using parts of the brain that have been left dormant and unused.

It’s time to start questioning who we really are, to break free and really see what is happening. Expand our minds into our higher consciousness, one that is love, light…our natural state. If we allowed ourselves to take these steps, there would be no need for governments and higher orders, poverty, greed, famine and hunger, we would all love and connect in ways that would free humankind from negative energies.

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