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Servicing hundreds of happy clients over the past decade, here you can read some of their kind words.


Kirsty the way you work with spirits, through the body and mind as a whole is such an incredible gift and I really appreciate your guidance and honesty with the information that you ‘pass on’. Thank you.


I’ve had a number of sessions with Kirsty over the past 5 years in person and over the phone. As a Medium the connection you have and the way you connect us to loved ones helps with healing and brings the past, present and future in line as one.

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Happy Clients


“Kirsty has helped my family and myself in amazing ways, personally I can’t thank her enough for helping me through some tough times in my journey for over 3 years. Every session has left me calmer, clearer, insightful and wanting to explore more of my spiritual being with more clarity. My kids have had ailments that have been explored and healed. The connection with spirit is truly amazing and something everyone should hear. A truly caring, kind, honest and compassionate healer/ psychic medium and friend.” 

Derm – King Island


“Kirsty possesses a rare gift, a gift that cannot be trivialised. Regardless of individual belief systems and /or religious persuasions, whether you decide to have one or one hundred sessions, Kirsty will help guide you to living your best life.”

Nicole – South Australia



“Kirsty’s abilities and guidance have been invaluable during a period of crucial personal transformation; when the scope of the change, required guidance greater than what I was able to access within. In our darkest hours, her insights may be the one light to depend. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with her.”

Borris – Melbourne

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