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our goal

Emotions control so many of our actions and outcomes. Our aim is to empower people to reconnect with their true self, better understand emotions, eliminate fear and regain control over their own thoughts, feelings and outcomes. 

our philosophy

Kirsty has high aspirations to heal others and help you heal yourself. With love and understanding we empower our inner strength and core vibration. Emotions are key to understanding yourself. 

Mind, Body, Soul

Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings are tailored to your higher self. Each reading is unique so Kirsty never knows what will come up or what will be discussed. Psychic Readings offer unrivalled insights aiming to harmonise mind, body and soul. Discussing important aspects of life such as career or financial opportunities, residence, familial and romantic bonds, emotions and so on. Informative and instructional, Kirsty offers purposeful guidance and intervention. 

Connect with Spirit


We are not alone when we are in our true form and we should not be alone here in the physical world. When Kirsty channels during a reading, guides and loved ones come through and like to have a good chat. Depending on what is required to be discussed with a client, some readings consist only of speaking with a passed loved one and them talking about themselves… they love that. During other readings, spirits will be talking in the background while Kirsty maintains focus on healing the individual and their current path.

Vibration & Frequency

Energy Healing

The healings and rebalancing of your energies are done by using multiple different means at the same time. I use the sacred geometry shapes and frequencies that circle your energetic field to bring strength and transformation to your chakras.

Health & Wellbeing


Introductional advice we call “homework” is provided to encourage better lifestyle and food choices that will speed up and assist the healing process and help reinforce existing positive habits.



Depending on what is required for a successful journey to better health, I may refer you to an associated health care professional, such as a nutritionist, NET Chiropractor, Kinesiologst, reflexologist, reiki master or sound therapist.
Working towards healing the mind, body and soul can require a team to help with all stages of healing our complex structure.

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The complex system

Human beings are as complex as the universe itself. There are still so many things that have not yet been discovered or scientifically understood about how our species work. We are all similar in some ways...we all have a body, mind and soul. Body needs to have energy...


Happy Clients

“Kirsty has helped my family and myself in amazing ways, personally I can’t thank her enough for helping me through some tough times in my journey for over 3 years. Every session has left me calmer, clearer, insightful and wanting to explore more of my spiritual being with more clarity. My kids have had ailments that have been explored and healed. The connection with spirit is truly amazing and something everyone should hear. A truly caring, kind, honest and compassionate healer/ psychic medium and friend.”


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